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Füsport announces the launch of their top-of-the-line, CE Safety Approved race boot

Introducing the new XR1 (Xtreme Rennen), the highly anticipated premier race boot from Australian motorcycle boot manufacturer Füsport.

Füsport has been striving to bring high performance protective footwear for motorcycle use to the market for over 20 years. The team are fuelled by their passion for motorcycle riding combined with their commitment to craft world-class motorbike racing boots that can stand the test of time.

Füsport was born in 1998 in Adelaide, Australia, where after a lengthy development, the team began producing the highest quality motorcycle boots on the Australian market. These boots were designed, produced and tested by the likes of Kevin Magee, Robbie Phillis and Mal Campbell at the highest level of the sport in Australia.

Unfortunately, once the GFC hit in the early 2000’s financial pressures hit Australian manufacturers and forced Füsport to close the Australian factory. After a hiatus from sales Füsport is back re-establishing itself as a force in motorcycling and constantly striving to develop the best product for riders.

Their new offering, the XR1 race boot is built for serious track use. This CE Safety Approved race boot was developed over 5 years and has been designed using advanced technology for maximum performance and protection. Featuring quality materials including PU (polyurethane) leather, air mesh lining, a mixture of TPU parts, a specially formulated sole and metal toe sliders ensure it is capable of performing at the top level.

The XR1 is approved up to CE Level 2, making it one of the safest boots on the market. It is resistant to abrasion, penetration from sharp objects and prevents all forms of lateral crushing.

Extensively tried and tested by many Füsport sponsored riders in world championship categories, these boots have seen some great success and very big crashes. Every decision has been made to improve the safety, comfort and feel for world champions, road racers, track day riders and sports bike riders.

“I’ve been with Füsport for 3 years, and we’ve created this new boot together as a family of Füsport riders. Wearing them I feel really safe, they have really good movement, and bring the best performance out of my riding. Now you can wear the boots that we race.” Joel Kelso – Moto 3 rider.

The new Füsport Internal Articulation System (F.I.A.S) allows the rider to maintain movement but also to be protected with a brace like support around the calf. The boots frame is specifically formulated to protect the lower leg from a high impact crash. The F.I.A.S acts like a bracing system that completely wraps around the ankle and lower leg allowing flexion of the foot while reducing lateral and medial rotation of the ankle as well as pronation and supination of the ankle.

The innovative Füsport Rotor Closure system (F.R.C.S), designed by Atop, is a cable-based dial that rotates from left to right to loosen or tighten. These rotors are a lot lighter than buckles and provide the best precision snug fit for your racing needs. The F.R.C.S is based around the calf, ankle and forefoot and features quick release buttons making it easily adjustable. The XR1 also has micrometric straps around the inner calf that also tightens up to ensure fitment to the millimetre and increased protection if crashed.

“Wearing the most innovative and safest boots gives me the confidence on track, to try to push to new limits. Having a zipless buckle system is revolutionary, all designed, tested and developed in Australia." Tom Bramich – ex WSSP300 rider and current ASBK Supersport 600 rider.

The XR1 race boot also features accordion leather for flexibility and an optimised fitment, moisture wicking material internally and heel ventilation for breathability. To top it off, all removable parts on the XR1 (toe sliders, closure system dials, shin and heel TPU) are replaceable to extend the life of the XR1 boots.

The sole is equipped with 3 compounds of rubber which work together to improve the control of the bike for maximum grip, supporting longevity of the heel due to its harder rubber sole and resistance to water, oil and petrol.

The XR1 comes in 4 mixed colourways including Stealth (All Black), Grey/Black/White, Black/Dark Grey/Fluro and White/Black/White in sizes 39 EU – 48 EU. Soon to come will be perforated XR1 race boots for maximised air flow and enhance moisture wicking performance.

“I’ve personally enjoyed experiencing the progression and constant improvements in Füsport’s new XR1 road racing boot! The boots are a complete package comfortable, great ankle support and crash proven, I can vouch for that!” Jed Metcher – 2011 Stock 600 world champion and current ASBK Superbike rider.


  • CE Certified
  • Füsport Internal Articulation System (F.I.A.S)
  • Tri Compound Racing sole resistant to water, oil & petrol
  • Accordion leather for correct fitment on the calves
  • Füsport Rotor Closure system (F.R.C.S) ratcheting closure/tensioning system
  • Hard wearing PU Microfibre construction
  • TPU heel protection
  • TPU shin protection
  • Air mesh lining
  • Heel ventilation to keep the riders feet cool
  • 4 colourways to choose from
  • Replaceable toe sliders (available separately)
  • Replaceable closure system (available separately)
  • Interchangeable shin and heel TPU so you can customise your colourway (available separately)

Website: https://fusportboots.com/product/xr1/

Instagram and Facebook: @fusportboots

Product images: XR1

Action photos: Füsport XR1 Hi Res images 2022 (Must tag photographer when used)


Bruce Collins

Proprietor, Füsport Boots


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